This article explains the ASMNet, a lightweight Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for facial landmark points detection (a.k.a Face Alignment) and face pose estimation in the wild.

The code and the pre-trained models are available on Github here. You can also read the original paper here.


Facial Landmark Points Detection is…

How to generate a histogram for an image, how to equalize the histogram, and finally how to modify your image histogram to be similar to another histogram.

The code is available here on Github.

What is an image histogram?

Before start defining the histogram, for simplicity, we use grayscales images. Then later I explain the process for the color images as well.

The image histogram indicates the intensity distribution of an image. In other words, the image histogram shows the number of…

Sample Residual Network
Figure.1: Sample Residual Network.(model is depicted using Netron)

The code with an explanation is available at GitHub.

ResNet, was first introduced by Kaiming He[1]. If you are not familiar with Residual Networks and why they can more likely improve the accuracy of a network, I recommend you to take a look at the paper here.

While creating a Sequential model in Tensor flow and Keras is not…

Image Demosaicing: Bilinear Interpolation VS High-Quality Linear Interpolation

you can download the code here.

In this story, I will explain two different algorithms in order to demosaic the images captured by a CCD camera and save based on the Bayer filter. In Fig.1, we show a bggr pixel arrangement according to the Bayer filter. As shown, for the…

Ali Pourramezan Fard

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